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Anchored 365 cuts out the noise and focuses on what’s most important to you and the patients you attend to – high-quality care available from qualified hands 24/7. We have worked back from that solution you want to offer in your facilities to establish a database of vetted, capable RNs, CNAs, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Practical Nurses that will fit into your company culture and start delivering results for you right away. Speak with our recruitment experts to tell them what you want, or simply fill out a staff request form to get us started for you.

Here’s Why We’re Partnering with You

Most of the Directors of Nursing that we have worked with are dealing with a high staff turnover, do not have the time to re-educate new staff and waste far too many resources on seeking new nurses to hire. Nursing Home Administrators and other HR officers in the healthcare industry are also faced with budget issues, poor customer service due to staff shortages, and pressure from top management, among other things. On top of that, finding qualified nurses to trust you since they don’t know how good your working conditions are, how your pay rate compares, and how well you’ll support them in their roles, among other things, is challenging. These experienced nurses trust us to only work with reputable employers like yourself. Thus, you can leverage their trust in us to secure the services of top RNs, CNAs, and Nurse Practitioners. All you have to do is tell us what you want and what your working conditions are. We will find you a healthcare professional that is ready to make an impact right away.

Check Out the Flexibility of Our Staffing Solutions

Manage your staff shortages, workload, and budgets better with our staffing solutions as explained below:

Per Diem

Enjoy a flexible relationship with knowledgeable nurses that come in when you need them on flexible weekly work hours. A reliable solution to handle occasional surges in patient care and fill in for unavailable staff.


Works best for healthcare facilities that want to fill a temporary role, manage a surge in specialist cases, or better handle their staffing budget. Agree on a defined pay scale and duration with your preferred nurse(s), and you’re good to go.

Contract to Hire

Reduce the impact of turnover, and recruitment of unqualified candidates when you choose to try them for a while before onboarding the candidate fully. It helps manage training and educational resources better also – and we are always here if you need another candidate. 

Direct Placement

Skip the bureaucracy when you find the right candidate for your roles and at the right conditions. Let’s help your candidate transition into their new position so that they can start delivering value to you right away. Skip the bureaucracy when you find the ideal leader for your executive roles and c-suite positions. Vacancies in key leadership positions can be devastating to an organization. Let us help your candidate transition into their new position so that they can start delivering value to you right away.

Take advantage of one or more of these staffing solutions at the same time to request several RNs, CNAs, and Licensed Nurse Practitioners according to your needs. Tell us what you want and watch us go the rest of the way for you.