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Anchored365 Works All-Year-Round to Place You on An Exciting Career Path

As a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner, you never run out of job options. You deserve to take your skills to those healthcare facilities where you get premium working benefits, above-industry-average pay, reduced risk of workplace injury and harassment, growth opportunities and respect for your services. That is where Anchored365 steps in to match you with better roles that will redefine your career path, launch you into a career growth model and ensure you achieve your preferred work-life balance. All you have to do is submit your resume to us to access exclusive roles and view our job boards to see the handpicked open positions we have laid out for you. Wouldn’t you rather start today?

Make All the Right Choices for Your Career

It’s not in the hands of hiring managers and recruitment specialists to determine what’s best for you.
That is why we offer several solutions that you can explore till you find the best balance:

Per Diem

If you want to pick up extra shifts to supplement your income and maintain your full-time job or just establish a flexible schedule, then working per diem is a wonderful opportunity for you.


Manage your time and expectations better with a role that has a fixed timeframe between start and finish. Get paid what you want with a definite time frame in mind, and choose what to do with the rest of your time.

Contract to Hire

Design a flexible work package that allows you to do what you love best while leaving the option to fully commit to the employer if you are an excellent fit for one another. Or, you can always come back to us for another role.

Direct Placement

Take your services to correctional institutions, hospital care units, insurance companies, or nursing homes where you know you can make an impact in the long term. You can choose to cycle between the various placement solutions we offer here or pick the one that best resonates with your career goals. View the jobs we have on offer for you, and submit your resume to allow us to find you better roles even faster.