Find a Rewarding Career Path
That Sets You Up for Life 

Guiding RNs, LPNS, CNAs, and NPs to Growth-Focused Career Paths

Escape the burnout from working in an under-staffed yet overbooked healthcare facility when you trust Anchored 365 to place you in your next rewarding role as a Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, or Licensed Practical Nurse. Take advantage of our stellar staffing and placement solutions to switch to roles in hospitals, correctional institutions, and nursing homes that offer flexibility to improve your work-life balance, help you better prepare for retirement, and give you great on-the-job satisfaction. Discover those jobs that match these criteria on our dedicated jobs page and be on the way to a better role that keeps you fulfilled and excited. Also, don’t forget to browse the candidates’ page to see what else we have in store for you.

Are You Ready to Stop Settling for Less?

Healthcare professionals with your skills, training, and certification are in high demand. With the current rate of healthcare workforce retirements and a growing number of baby boomers requiring extensive medical help, you are a rare gem that deserves to be treated as one. Anchored 365 helps you to take advantage of this unique position to find those roles that appreciate you for all that you bring to the table. Submit your resume to us today while we match you to exclusive roles with the added allure of an improved pay package, vacation perks, and more.

Take Advantage of The Solutions We Offer

The decision of where and how to work is all yours. We don’t define your ideal work conditions for you, nor do any hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, or insurance companies that want to have you on their side. Choose from any of the placement solutions below – and we’ll match you to the best opportunities.

Per Diem Staffing

Enjoy the luxury of controlling your own schedule and pick up one-off or recurring per diem shifts when you want to earn more faster. This is one of the easiest ways to make sure you have as much free time as you want.


Enjoy numerous stints with different healthcare facilities that need your services on your terms. Work for a predefined period, determining your pay and always having the option to return to us for another contract placement.

Contract to Hire

A unique fit for RNs, CNAs, Licensed Practical Nurses and other Nurse Practitioners who either want to have the option to stay on after the contract role – or would like to see if they are a great fit with the employer before committing fully.

Direct Placement

Ideal for nurses who have found the healthcare facility of their dreams. Let's help you fast-track your placement by ensuring a seamless transition into your new role so that you can start a new phase of your career today. Found a solution that works for you? Then, dive into these unique offerings by applying to any of the open positions on our job board, or submit your resume to us so that we can match you with roles that you’ll appreciate.

Equip Your Hospitals, Correctional Institutions, and Nursing Homes with Qualified Nurses

A majority of reliable and competent nurses are looking for those opportunities that provide them with a healthy environment to work in, dependable management, improved pay, and on-the-job perks that make using their life-saving skills worth their while. We have worked with Directors of Nursing, Nursing Home Administrators, and HR officers in the healthcare industry to recruit those highly-skilled nurses to improve the level of healthcare at hand in their facilities. Avoid the uncertainties of your hiring process and reduce your nurse churn rate when you request a staff member from us today – or check out other solutions we have curated for you on the dedicated Employers page.